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Education, Innovation and Community: 4Geeks and BITE-CON Join Forces

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Miami, FL (July 14, 2023) - 4Geeks Academy, a leading online coding bootcamp, and the BITE-CON Foundation, an organization committed to impacting a pipeline of 1,000,000 BIPOC and women technologists in the next five years, are excited to announce their partnership dedicated to fostering inclusive access to tech education, promoting innovation, and driving community development in the tech sector.

The collaboration is centered around nurturing diverse tech talent through joint efforts, including monthly educational workshops and impactful scholarships. The partnership debuted in June with the inaugural talk of the Web3 TechTalk series, titled "Leveraging Blockchain for Social Impact," featuring Nandy Martin, Chairman of the Captain Haiti Foundation, who elucidated the technology’s influential role in uplifting Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. The event was exemplary in showcasing the partners' commitment to harnessing technology for meaningful social progress.

The partners are uniquely positioned to realize their shared vision of democratizing high-quality tech education. The BITE-CON Foundation is a dynamic advocate for inclusivity in the tech sector, engaging, educating, and exposing the Black and Brown community to emerging technologies through strategic events, partnerships, and workforce development initiatives. On the other hand, 4Geeks Academy is renowned globally for its coding education, graduating over 4,000 students across its 8 campuses, and placing 84% in relevant tech positions. Their award-winning teaching methods and comprehensive, lifelong coding and career support set them apart within the tech education industry.

Aligned with their mission to make high-quality coding education accessible and inclusive, BITE-CON and 4Geeks Academy are introducing three pivotal scholarships: the TechBoost Scholarship, HBCU Scholarship, and the Miami Tech Talent Coalition Scholarship. Each scholarship is designed to empower individuals to enroll in 4Geeks Academy's Full Stack Developer or Data Science and Machine Learning programs by providing significant financial support.

For further details about this transformative collaboration and scholarship opportunities, please visit and and follow their social media channels to keep up to date on their latest projects.

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