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We're excited to introduce three incredible scholarship opportunities in partnership with 4Geeks Academy. These scholarships offer unparalleled financial support to enroll in a coding bootcamp at 4Geeks Academy, acquire the relevant skills, and kickstart your professional journey into tech.

At BITE-CON Foundation and 4Geeks Academy, we're committed to providing equitable access to tech education. These scholarships are your gateway to a tech career.
Apply today and kickstart your coding journey!

Tree Sunset - Vapor Wave


Get a $4,000 reduction in tuition for 4Geeks Academy's Full-Stack Development or Data Science and Machine Learning programs. This nationwide scholarship is designed to remove financial obstacles to acquiring the skills necessary for a successful tech career.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Reside in the USA

  • Be unemployed or underemployed
    (earning less than you would as a programmer)

  • Authorized to legally work in the USA


Studying On Floor-min.png

Secure a $5,000 scholarship if you're a Florida HBCU student. This scholarship provides a significant discount to 4Geeks Academy's Full-Stack Development or Data Science and Machine Learning programs, giving you a competitive edge in the tech industry.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Reside in the USA

  • Be "unemployed or underemployed"

  • Authorized to legally work in the USA

  • Provide proof of enrollment in an HBCU

Apply In 2 Steps

  1. Apply for the TechBoost scholarship here

  2. Then, contact 4Geeks Academy admissions directly at (786) 416-6640 to receive the additional $1,000.

Tree Sunset - Vapor Wave


As a part of the Good Jobs Challenge, we're thrilled to offer 30 full scholarships to tech enthusiasts in Miami Dade and Broward County. Powered by Miami Tech Works, a $10-million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, this initiative provides an exceptional opportunity to acquire career-relevant tech skills at no financial cost.

*Limited spots available, about 15 scholarships left

Eligibility & Responsibilities

  • Reside in Miami Dade or Broward Counties

  • Successfully interview with the admissions team

  • Pass our logic challenge

  • Complete pre-work on time

  • Attend onboarding meetings

Once you start the course, you're required to:

  • Complete all projects on time

  • Maintain attendance above 90%

  • Keep your camera on during all online classes

Apply now:
Contact 4Geeks Academy at (786) 416-6640

Enrollment now open for September.
Join the Movement!

Study Soccer Jersey-min.png


With Brilliant Black Minds


We are a proud industry partner with karat’s Brilliant Black Minds to help double the number of Black software engineers working in the U.S. tech industry!
Once you join Brilliant Black Minds you get instant access to unlimited live coding interview practice 24/7 on Karat’s Cloud Interviewing platform, a Discord community of over 3,500 Black software engineers, exclusive career advancement opportunities and more.


  • Take live practice coding
    interviews any time you want, 24/7 !

  • Get live feedback from
    Karat’s expert Interview Engineers

  • Qualify to be fast-tracked into interviews with Brilliant Black Minds Partners of Brilliance (including Citi, Duolingo, Amazon Prime Video, American Express, Indeed, and Flatiron Health)

  • Connect in an exclusive Discord group to coordinate studying together, ask questions
    and get real about working in the industry.

Join.  Practice.  Get Hired. 

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